2021 Season Early Birds

Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club


Hi Panther families,

Based on the Early Bird fee schedule listed below, please complete the following steps to confirm your players registration. This is simply a registration to accept the Early Bird offer.

Step 1 - Complete the Registration form in full ((( Please DO NOT add anything from the Arana Shop to your cart in this registration, unfortunately we cannot turn this feature off during the early bird registration process )))
Step 2 - Select - Finalise & Receive invoice (you will receive a confirmation only email from Arana Ascot immediately as a confirmation)

Step 3 - You will then receive an invoice from Arana Ascot (aranaascottreasurer@gmail.com) for payment (via Xero) within 7 days.
Step 4 - Please pay first installment via the invoice details once received, ie Direct Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Debit Card

Note: Direct Bank Transfer is our preferred method of payment, as you and us do not incur fees to do this. We do have the option of Credit Card/Debit Card or Direct Debit which will attract a small processing fee.

Account Name: Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club
BSB: 034272
Account Number: 259855
Reference: Use players First & Last Name

Please note: These fees DO NOT include the mandatory Hockey Qld fee which is paid separately in the new year once released.

We would encourage all of our 2020 returning players to take advantage of this offer and feel free to contact the club treasurer at aranaascottreasurer@gmail.com if you have any questions or to organise a payment plan.

Thank you for your continued support of our club.

Arana Ascot Committee.


Nigel Christie
K Crooks
Tamiesha Elmes