Welcome to Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club

Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club is welcoming back players and seeking new players for the 2019 season, aged 4-17 years. Arana Ascot JHC turf teams train at Buringbar TURF, Chermside and our grass teams train at tramway street, Ferny Grove. Find our senior club website here - www.ascothockeyclub.majestri.com.au

Queensland U13 Representatives!

Congratulations to Kara Bradley, Georgia Harris & Lara Pyle (shadow)
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Queensland U12 School Girls Representatives

Congratulations Kara Bradley & Lara Pyle
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Cake Stall - Saturday August 3rd

cake stall

Representative players 2019

Metropolitan East School Girls
Lara Pyle (10-12 years)
Emelia Pyle (13-19 years Shadow)
Amelia Morgan (13- 19 years)

Sunshine Coast School Girls 
Beck Bodkin (13-19years)
Chelsea Baker (13-19years)

Metropolitan North School Girls
Sophie Pate (13-19 years Shadow)
Georgie Houghton (13-19 years)
Amy Cutmore (10-12 years)
Kara Bradley (10-12 years) 

Queensland U18 Squad 2020
Amelia Morgan

Queensland U13 team 2019
Kara Bradley 
Georgia Harris
Lara Pyle (shadow)

Queensland U12 School Girls
Kara Bradley 
Lara Pyle 

Brisbane U18 team
Liana Crismani (Brisbane 3)
Emelia Pyle (Brisbane 3)
Amelia Morgan (Brisbane 2)
Ella Guebesch (Brisbane 3)

Brisbane U13 team
Georgia Harris (Brisbane 1)
Lara Pyle (Brisbane 1)
Kara Bradley (Brisbane 1)
Holly Neville (Brisbane 2)
Amy Cutmore (Brisbane 2)
Lara Ferguson (Brisbane 3)
Tia Jackson (Brisbane 3)
Freya Christie (Brisbane 3)
Elly Street (Brisbane 3)
Bonnie Siggins (Brisbane 4) 

Brisbane U11 team
Josie Burgess (Brisbane 1)
Isobel McKeon (Brisbane 1)
Vanessa Infanti (Brisbane 1) 
Emily Dowden (Brisbane 1)
Leela Christie (Brisbane 2)
Makenzie Dowden (Brisbane 4)
Mia Waters (Brisbane 4)
Jordan Halliday (Brisbane 4) 
Caitlain Burton (Brisbane 2 coach)

Important club dates

Monday July 22nd - Turf photo night
Tuesday July 30th - Grass photo night
Saturday August 3rd - CAKE STALL DAY
Date TBA (September) - Trophy day

What drives Angie Lambert (Olympian)

Highlights from our div 1 tv games 2018

Best Junior Club Shield

In 2017, Arana Ascot was awarded the BWHA Best Junior Club Shield.

This could not have been achieved without the exceptional work of our committee, players, coaches, managers, members, and supporters. 

Below is a picture of our committee members who were present on the night
best junior club

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